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athletic profile

what is it?

What is an athletic profile?

Do you want to continue your athletic life in college, but you do not know how to market yourself in getting colleges to notice you?  We can help you with this by creating your own athletic profile website where college coaches can see you and your achievements and potential within a click.

you deserve the best first impression

Clear Message

No more confusion. Clear and to the point message that will grab attention.

great design

A design geared to your athletic profile that will catch any college coaches' eyes. One stop stats, photos and videos for coaches to see.

get results

With a clear message and a custom athletic profile website, you will see results and be noticed.

Athletic Profile Website

No matter on mobile, laptop or tablet, your website will look great.

Easy to use and manage contact forms

SSL encryption will help secure your website.

No hidden costs or contract. It’s all yours. You are responsible for monthly hosting ($5-$20/month), which is run by hosting company. Also, we encourage you to maintain your website as much as possible to keep it secure, by keeping up with periodic software updates. You can do this yourself or hire us to maintain.

We help you with new or current hosting. 

We will train & support you to get the results you want without having to hire a web developer every time you want to add and/or update. This training will take about an hour of your time.

Athletic Profile

Why do you need an

Athletic Profile website?

Make your website count

There are millions of athletes around the U.S trying to get into Division I, II, III colleges.  Let Nanu Graphics help you get noticed with your own Athletic Profile Website. Your website is the FIRST IMPRESSION.  Make this impression count! Coaches have no time to travel and watch thousands of athletes, so you go to them with your Athletic Profile with a One Stop and One Click Athletic Profile website.

Hi! I am Natalia

I am  a mother of two athletes, a swimmer (senior) and a footballer (7th).  I have seen first hand how stressful it can be looking for the perfect college for athletes.  Finding THE college takes time and that is time athletes do not have due to before and after school training. Being an athlete is an entire new ball game! See, academic students showcase their grades, however, athletes must show their potential and it is not always about the stats.  It is also about performance and skills that show THE potential in a sport. 

My daughter, the swimmer, was a late-bloomer in swimming. Covid hit and one can imagine what weight that put on all athletes.  This is when I decided to use my design skills to create her own Athletic Profile Website.  This changed her junior year drastically.  She received calls from ALL coaches she contacted, thanks to her Athletic Profile Website.  This Athletic Profile gave my athlete a chance to be SEEN. 

As first hand experience, I know all athletes deserve a chance to be noticed and they deserve a great first impression.

Schedule a call today! Don’t waist further time and let’s get your SEEN by college coaches!

How we can help

Let's help you shine as an athlete as easy as 1-2-3


Schedule a call today and let's start planning your website wireframe.


With a collaborated plan we start creating your great first impression website.


Your Athletic Profile website complete. Now let's launch and hear your phone ring.

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