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Hi! I am Natalia

I am a web designer and photographer based in Belton, Texas.  As a military spouse of 20 years, I have moved around the world with my family and have seen many wonderful places and learned about many different cultures. I never go without my camera.  Of course, this meant plenty of mandatory family pictures, which my kids always had to roll their eyes about.  I know they will enjoy all my photo sessions one day. My first camera was gifted to me by my husband in 2004.  Ever since then I have been photographing my family every year, and every year I created family calendars for our extended families overseas. 

I have never thought of doing photography professionally until this year! I know that sounds crazy, but with so many relocations it really never dawned on me that I could do something I love as a job.  Well, here I am now and madly in love with the work I do! 

I have a B.S degree in Media Production and communications, and worked in Hollywood for three years until the military moved me to Fort Bragg, NC. I love making people happy and getting involved with the community.  I am not afraid of making new friends and will always approach people with a big smile. 

My style in photography is blurring the surroundings of my subjects, making them the highlight of the picture.  I have been shooting childhood portraits since 2004 and I make sure I am prepared and quick during my photo sessions.  I also love landscape and travel photography.  Currently, I am obsessed with clouds and for the past weeks I have been outdoors just aiming my camera towards the sky.  There is no limit to creativity! 

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