Hi! I am Natalia

I am a web designer and photographer based in Belton, Texas.  As a military spouse of 20 years, I have moved around the world with my family and have seen many wonderful places and learned about many different cultures. I never go without my camera.  Of course, this meant plenty of mandatory family pictures, which my kids always had to roll their eyes about.  I know they will enjoy all my photo sessions one day. My first camera was gifted to me by my husband in 2004.  Ever since then I have been photographing my family every year, and every year I created family calendars for our extended families overseas. 

I have never thought of doing photography professionally until 2021! I know that sounds crazy, but with so many relocations it really never dawned on me that I could do something I love as a job.  Well, here I am now and madly in love with the work I do! 

I have a B.S degree in Media Production and Communications, and worked in Hollywood for three years until the military moved me to Fort Bragg, NC. Here was the birth place of my passion of photography. I started taking pictures of objects and everything around me.

VIBRANT COLORS. Every color is beautiful! No photoshoot is the same, it all depends on my subject and the mood. I love to shoot with NATURAL LIGHT and OUTDOORS. I usually find a spot to find that perfect sun ray.
I shoot PORTRAITS, whether it is family, couples or an individual. You will also find me at a SPORT EVENT getting that perfect slam dunk. My favorite is shooting SENIOR PORTRAITS and GRADUATION, snapping that last High School memory as the senior moves on to spread their wings.

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